How to Handle Your Client’s Design Tasks in 2018 like a Pro

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    Do you ever get the feeling that your web design clients have upped their expectations? Rest assured, it’s probably true, and not just your imagination. In fact, because they have constant access to evermore information, including what their competitors are doing, your clients consequently will want to make very sure they’re getting the most bang for their buck.

    You can expect 2018 to be no different, especially if you choose to “wing it”. The better approach is to adapt to what businesses are looking for, this will allow you to successfully compete in an ever-changing marketplace.

    Keeping your clients happy doesn’t need to be difficult. Here are some suggestions that will help keep them knocking at your door.

    1. Use BeTheme’s 290+ Pre-built Websites to Find the Perfect Fit For Your Client

    Be Theme is a top-5 seller on ThemeForest, for two major reasons:

    • Its 1-click installer is innovative and reliable. It will save you a ton of time when you are trying to get a project underway.
    • It has the largest number (290+) of pre-built websites on the market. This includes more than 30 business niches. Be Theme is making it easy for you to pinpoint the perfect website theme for a client.

    Here are just a few examples of Be Theme’s pre-built websites that demonstrate how easy it can be to keep a client happy.

    They Have 60+ Templates for Creative Industries

    Clients in the creative industries can be among the most difficult to satisfy. These 3 examples shows you how Be Theme can easily help you create stylishly elegant websites sure to please any fussy client in the creative industry.


    Be Themes - Artist2


    Be Theme - Design2


    Be Theme - Digital

    You’ll have no problem finding a perfect match for photographers, visual artists, or video makers. There are also multiple options for architects and interior designers, not to mention a heap for fashion designers and beauty salons. Bloggers haven’t been left out either, and there’s plenty of choices for ad agencies and marketers too.

    Each of these 60+ pre-built websites is different. Each of them is designed to help your client stand out among the competition. Yet, they have several features in common.

    • Interactive galleries that are ideal for portfolios and showcasing products
    • An emphasis on large, eye-catching images
    • Intuitive navigation, no matter the size and makeup of categories or pages
    • Clear structures are emphasized to make a client’s brand crystal clear

    30+ One-Page Pre-built Websites

    One-page websites have a tendency toward uniqueness; which can make it difficult to build a one-pager that will satisfy a client’s needs. But have no fear, Be Theme’s 37 different templates have you covered.


    Be Theme - Landing


    Be Theme - Agency2


    Be Theme - ebook

    There’s lots to like in these one-page themes. Each theme is responsive and each makes excellent use of white space to create a great looking design. Flexible structures enable you to arrange your content and media however you want to, and in most instances, you can build a one-page website in less than 4 hours

    9+ Pre-built Websites for Online Shops

    These pre-built websites were specifically designed for eCommerce businesses.


    Be Theme - Denim


    Be Theme - Shoes


    Be Theme - Store

    Check out the product galleries and clean design in those templates! The high-quality images exemplify each of the above three examples. But also, be sure to take note of their easy-to-use menus and order forms, not to mention, the fact that they integrate perfectly with Shopify.

    We’re not anywhere near done yet. Whatever the niche, you’re sure to find a template suitable for your needs. You’ve got:


    Be Theme - Clinic2


    Be Theme - Spa2


    Be Theme - Herbal

    12+ for Fitness & Nutrition

    Personal Trainer

    Be Theme - Personal Trainer


    Be Theme - Fitness


    Be Theme - Sports Club

    16+ for Events & Nightlife


    Be Theme - Wedding2


    Be Theme - Casino


    Be Theme - Billiard

    9+ for Restaurants, Bars & Cafes


    Be Theme - Restaurant2


    Be Theme - Bistro


    Be Theme - Cafe2

    10+ for IT Services and Products


    Be Theme - IT


    Be Theme - Game


    Be Theme - Code

    And last, But Not Least, 7+ for Finance and Bookkeeping


    Be Theme - Pay


    Be Theme - Investment


    Be Theme - Accountant

    2. Look like a pro by Establishing a Crystal-Clear Work Process and Share It with Your Clients

    You will derive a lot of great benefits from using these pre-built websites. One of them is the ease in which you’ll be able to bring clients on board. They want to know what they can expect from you from the get-go, and you can provide them with exactly that.

    You can give them confidence in your ability to meet a deadline. They will also be sure of their ability to provide you with any necessary feedback as you proceed.

    But sometimes, having just the right pre-built website at your fingertips might not be enough. In which case, you can present them with documentation that provides the overview of your workflow. Doing so will make you look like a pro; a person who has the experience and have done this hundreds of times for other clients.

    What do these steps entail?

    • When they can expect your proposal
    • When they can expect a contract, in the event one is required
    • When they can expect to receive an invoice. For upfront payment, 50-50 payment, or payment upon task completion
    • The deadline for completing the task plus any interim deadlines. Also note whether the client can provide feedback at any time, or only at signoff
    • You’ll also need to specify how revisions or changes will be managed. Plus, which ones are included in the quoted price, and which ones would involve an extra charge

    Your document should be easy to understand, concise, and complete. You don’t want your clients experiencing any unnecessary or unpleasant surprises

    3. Exceed Your Clients’ Expectations by Delivering Ahead of Time with Extra Surprises

    Giving a client an unexpected but pleasant surprise or two should never be a problem. Unless it’s a rush job, you generally have the freedom to negotiate a deadline.

    Add enough days to your estimate to account for unexpected events or glitches. Then, surprise your client by early delivery of a product that surpasses expectations.

    Summing Up

    These ideas should help you meet and exceed your clients’ expectations in 2018.

    • Use Be Theme as your vehicle for delivering impeccably-designed websites – every time.
    • Put in place a client onboarding process that makes you look like a pro
    • Make your client’s day by early delivery. Also. don’t forget to tell him or her how much you appreciate the opportunity to be of service.